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Right Brained Leadership and Intuition

Just read this article in Time Magazine about the Science of Intuition -- totally worth the read and a very right brained approach for innovation, creativity, ideas, and decision making.

The article starts out by saying:

"It’s common to meet the idea of intuition with an eye roll. We tend to value reason over everything else, using expressions like “think before you act,” 

“think twice,” and “look before you leap.” We don’t trust intuition. In fact, we believe it’s flawed and magical thinking, either vaguely crazy or downright stupid. After all, good decisions should always be reasoned. 

What we don’t realize, however, is that intuition is a form of cognition that can actually improve our decision-making."

The author points out for us to get in touch with our intuition we need to take some quiet time -- turn off the phone and computer, talk a walk, take some time to think quietly and "allow your mind to be in a gently unfocused state that is receptive to novel ideas, insights, and innovation."

If you're interested in learning how to lead more with your right brain, there is some great advice here!

How to Be More Intuitive TIME
Download PDF • 354KB

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