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My Book
(Release Date Fall 2024)
My Consulting Practice

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About the
book title.

Right-Brained Leadership

Leading on the Right Side of the Brain is a playful homage to Betty Edwards' groundbreaking book "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain."

Both her book and her immersive drawing course left an indelible mark on me. They unlocked the power of the creative, right-brained process, teaching me the art of "seeing" – a process, I believe, brimming with leadership lessons waiting to be unearthed. A yellow brick road of leadership lessons if you will (yep, there's something about that as well in the book!).


The book is an invitation and journey to rediscover, or perhaps awaken for the first time, your right-brain leadership potential.


Together, we'll push boundaries, redefine paradigms, and create a more human-centric world of work.

"To an extent, leadership is a lot like beauty; it's hard to define but you know it when you see it."  Warren Bennis


Bennis's observation captures the very essence of great leadership: it's not a set of rules or a formula etched in stone. It's an art, a dance between vision and execution, inspiration and action. It's the leader who ignites the spark within their team, who empowers individuals to not just perform but to create.

This intangible quality, this "je ne sais quoi" of leadership, is precisely what makes it so captivating. It's a testament to the power of the right brain – the seat of creativity, intuition, and the ability to see the bigger picture.

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My Background & Philosophy

When people zig, I typically zag. A known rule breaker and troublemaker (in a good way), I have traveled the world helping organizations improve their people and organizational capabilities.


A Bit of Philosophy


The pandemic has fundamentally reshaped the world of work.  Now, more than ever, bringing empathy and humanness to the workplace is critical.  We face a collective challenge: navigating this new reality and forging a path forward together.

That's where I come in. I help organizations reestablish equilibrium by empowering their people to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of work and life.


I Disrupt The Conventional Norms


I disrupt conventional norms across various domains including leadership development, organization development, meeting and workshop facilitation, workshop and curriculum design, presentation skills, executive coaching, communication strategies, recruitment practices, performance management, brand engagement, as well as employee and customer experience.


Co-conspirators (in the crusade to make the world of work, work better)


I have worked and consulted in the airline, telecommunications, high-tech, as well as non-profit industries working with: American Airlines, Sprint Nextel, Boost Mobile, Microsoft, Expedia, GREE Inc., Ubisoft, Massachusetts State Building Authority, Sony PlayStation Studios (just to name a few).


A Bit of Academics


I hold a BA in Humanities, an MA in Organization and Leadership Development, and a certification in Integrative Nutrition.

"Rich's skills as an Executive Coach have earned him a spot on the Coach Foundation, one of the biggest names in the coaching industry."

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Launch Your Leaders: Unleash Potential with 20+ Years of Expertise


Over two decades, I've ignited leadership potential through impactful coaching and leadership development workshops across all organizational levels. My fascination lies in empowering new leaders to acquire the essential skills for success.


What truly differentiates my approach?  Firsthand leadership experience.  Having led organizations of all sizes, I understand the unique challenges and opportunities leaders face.  This translates into highly focused coaching that resonates on a practical level.


Invest in your leaders.

Invest in your company's success. 


Reimagine Work: Building Thriving, Inclusive Organizations

The way we work has undergone a seismic shift. Traditional approaches no longer ignite the passion and loyalty needed to attract and retain top talent.  The time for a new paradigm is now.


I offer a roadmap to revitalize your organization, crafting a work environment that's both engaging and invigorating.  At the heart of this roadmap lies inclusion.

Inclusive workplaces are dynamic engines of creativity and innovation.  By fostering diverse perspectives, you unlock a wellspring of problem-solving power, propelling your organization toward a thriving future. We specialize in guiding you towards building an inclusive culture where every voice is valued and empowered to contribute.

Let's co-create the future of work.


Bridge the Communication Gap:

Unlocking Effective Engagement

Communication breakdowns are a common pitfall in organizations.  We often fall prey to unconscious assumptions:


  • Shared Thinking: Assuming everyone approaches problems the same way.

  • Uniform Workstyles: Believing everyone prefers the same work pace, environment, and methods.

  • Universal Information Processing: Thinking everyone learns and absorbs information identically.

  • Monoculture Perception: Assuming everyone has the same worldview.

  • Singular Communication Style: Expecting everyone to communicate in the same way.

These assumptions can significantly hinder effective message delivery, creativity, and innovation.


That's where I come in.  Using DiSC as a foundation I help individuals and teams develop communication strategies that bridge the gap and foster true engagement.  From crafting impactful presentations to mastering different communication styles, I empower you to connect and collaborate effectively.

I help organizations unlock the power of clear, intentional communication.


Meetings That Matter:

Design, Facilitation, and Engagement


Tired of unproductive meetings that drag on?  Let's transform your sessions into engaging experiences that drive results.

I specialize in designing and facilitating meetings that stick.  My approach ensures your group stays focused and on track, adhering to a timely agenda.  But it's not just about ticking boxes – I create interactive activities that actively move the discussion forward, fostering knowledge retention and actionable takeaways.


Here's What Sets Me Apart


  • Always Interactive: My philosophy ditches the passive PowerPoint drone. Instead, we collaboratively draw out information from participants, leading to richer discussions and deeper understanding.

  • Engagement from Start to Finish: Participants remain focused, energized, and actively involved throughout the entire session.


Meetings should be productive and positive – and that's exactly what I deliver.


Turn unproductive meetings into

powerful catalysts for progress. 

WORKSHOPS - Customized For Your Specific Needs

All Workshops Are Activity-Based & Totally Interactive


Turn Traditional Leadership Upside Down

A workshop that introduces participants to the concept of being in service to those you lead, and the benefits of following a Servant Leadership philosophy.


Six Months of Focused Leadership Development

A six-month program that takes leadership skills and abilities to the next level.


Understand More About Your Organization 

Understand what is going on in your organization and strategies to improve your culture and performance.


I can customize any of the programs or create something totally new to meet the unique needs of your organization.


Help Leaders Help Their Team

A workshop that helps leaders understand the critical role they have in motivating and coaching their teams through effective performance management.


A Critical Skill In The Workplace

A workshop that introduces the basic knowledge, skills, abilities, as well as confidence to develop higher levels of Emotional Intelligence.


Learn To Design Presentations That Stick

A workshop that introduces participants to more effective ways to develop and design presentations that people actually enjoy, understand, and take
action on.


Grow your people -- grow your organization.


Improve Your Employment Brand

Help your employees understand the critical role they play in representing your employment brand and reputation, as well as the start of an employee experience throughout the recruiting and interview process.


Get Your Point Across

A blend of Everything DiSC Workplace assessments to understand different personality types and communication preferences, as well as communication strategies that help to get your point across.


A Day In The Life of a Leader

A day to take people through the life of a leader. Designed for people who are considering taking a leadership track in their career and giving them information up-front about what it's like to be a leader so they can make a more informed decision about the role.


light bulb.png

Rich is insightful and inspiring. He's got a special knack for asking all the right questions which often result in personal understanding. His guidance this past year has made a profound impact on my professional and personal lives, and I highly recommend working with him to improve your savvy, skills, and self-awareness.

Jeff P

Silver Headphones

Rich is an amazing listener with a keen sense for guiding you through the coaching process to support your professional growth. He is collaborative, frank and constructive in his approach. I was fortunate to work with him and have grown in my role as an operational leader within my organization as a result. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him in the future and would not hesitate to recommend him.

Pat K


Rich and I worked together on the design and delivery of a training program to support a newly-designed performance management approach. Rich is by far the most creative instructional designer I've ever worked with. The best (and most genuine and true) thing I can say about Rich is that I became a better designer and a better facilitator having worked with him. He's a gift.

Jane T


Rich is one of those rare L&D professionals who combine equally outstanding skills in instructional design, facilitation, coaching and consulting. Every day, Rich inspires me with his creative and innovative design skills. His great, grounded energy as a facilitator transforms his participants by opening them up to learning and growth. At client meetings, he is the one asking those challenging questions that empower others to reach their best. And as a colleague, I am blessed because he is always there to help with advice, actions and ideas!

Claudia Z


When it comes to people leadership, mentoring, and influencing organizational change....Rich is the master. Inspiring, thought provoking, and driven to enable people to uncover their own hidden potential. It was, and will continue to be, a privelege to be associated with Rich.

Mark S


Rich led a complex transformation of the training functions within the organization that established an all-encompassing in-house training and development structure. Rich's leadership allowed others to succeed, maintaining a team approach and meeting expectations both personal and profesional. He understands what it takes to get people to perform at the highest levels.

Matt T

SF Bay Area


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